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Crafting a Surf-Inspired Brand Journey


For the sun-soaked shores of San Diego’s surf haven, Bird Rock, lies the cozy haven of Wayfarer Bread & Pastry. This rebranding journey encapsulated not just design, but a narrative woven through the fabric of community and the aroma of freshly baked delights. Each step was meticulously crafted to embody the vibrant beach vibe that defines this coffee shop.

Client Research: Commencing the journey, a deep dive into the heart of Wayfarer’s vision and the surf culture of Bird Rock unveiled the soul of this coffee shop. Understanding their ethos and clientele set the foundation for a brand that resonates with authenticity.

Logo Design from Community Insights: The heart of the rebrand lies in the logo – a fusion of surf, community, and culinary love. Derived from an in-depth exploration of client aspirations and local culture, the logo features a whimsical van adorned with a surfboard-baguette, capturing the essence of Wayfarer’s beachy aesthetic.

Brand Photography: Visual storytelling was elevated through brand photography. From capturing the golden hues of sunrise to the salt-kissed breezes, the photographs not only showcased the delectable offerings but also conveyed the welcoming ambiance that patrons could expect.

Design Elements for a Surfing Vibe: Translating surf culture into design elements, each piece of the brand was thoughtfully crafted. Clean lines and vibrant colors maintained simplicity while infusing the playful spirit of the ocean. The designs mirrored the café’s essence: funky, fun, and undoubtedly stylish.

Step-by-Step Rebrand Process:

  1. Discovery and Vision: Immersed in Wayfarer’s ethos and the neighborhood’s surf culture, we established the foundation.
  2. Logo Crafting: The logo emerged as the iconic cornerstone, combining the community’s love for both surf and freshly baked goods.
  3. Brand Photography: Visual storytelling captured the café’s warmth, surf-town charm, and delectable treats.
  4. Design Integration: Clean, simple yet funky designs resonated with the café’s ethos, transforming the brand visuals into an expression of its identity.
  5. Community Connection: The rebrand wasn’t just visual; it was about integrating Wayfarer into the hearts of Bird Rock’s residents and surf enthusiasts.

Result: The Wayfarer Bread & Pastry rebrand emerged as an embodiment of the café’s spirit. The fusion of surf culture, community vibes, and irresistible offerings now reverberates through every design element, inviting patrons to indulge in the playful charm of Bird Rock.


Date: 2023/03/27

Client: Wayfarer Bread & Pastry (student project)

Skills: Illustrator / Photoshop